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Soundwalks at the Wadden Sea

Explore noise, silence and our many modes of listening by participating in a soundwalk or listening workshop.


"Splotch" by teaterBLIK

Created with clay, water, hands and skin, "Splotch" is a playful musical and visual discovery journey for the very young.


Music at Vejen
Art Museum

In collaboration with sculptor Sophus Ejler Jepsen and other staff at Vejen Art Museum we create musical and sensorial experiences for children of all ages exploring the oevre of Niels Hansen Jabobsen and Symbolist Art in general.


Rennaissance Trio
A Shepherd's Tale

Stine Benjaminsen (recorders), Mads Madsen (guitars) and Simon Voigt (voice, bodhran, flute) play own arrangements of John Dowland's music interwoven with folk music, improvisation and storytelling.


Music in Churches

Simon is a member of the Our Saviour's Church Choir based in Esbjerg and performs on most weekends as solo church singer on the island of Fanø.


Ethno Denmark

From 2015 until 2022 Simon has been the project leader of the international folk music gathering Ethno Denmark, where young musicians exchange traditional music from their respective cultures. It's a phenomenon that has spread throughout the world and is now at home in over 40 countries.


Circular Angles

…brings 4 dancers, 1 musician and a 3×3 meter movable CUBE in interaction. The cube provides possibilities of interrelations between body and space that are examined in this project of David Pollmann.


Beyond Borders a project brought to life by the musical enthusiast and devil of jam session, Stuart Graham, who's vision it was to bless the farest corners of the world with the glee of Celtic folk music and dance. A 9-headed band of strangers coming from SOAS London, Germany, Japan, the USA and Australia travelled through Turkey, Syria and Georgia in March 2013 to meet curiosity and kindness wherever they went sharing wine, bread and music with whomever would have them.


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